profile2-vertMelissa Lanz

Founder and CEO

Melissa has been featured in Prevention, The New York Times, Instyle, USA Weekend and as a contributing editor for Shape Magazine. She is a passionate business woman who believes health and happiness start in the kitchen.

As the creator and founder of The Fresh 20, Melissa is committed to the family dinner. As a recipe developer, she is committed to using the best ingredients possible in her kitchen. A former cooking instructor, television writer and 15 year internet professional, Melissa has returned to the kitchen to introduce preservative free food to the family dinner table. Current obsessions include climbing Kilimanjaro and promoting healthy soccer snacks!

Drop her a line at {melissa@thefresh20 dot com} or visit her site at
Press/Media inquiries contact {marketing @ thefresh20 . com}

Connect with Melissa:

melissa @

profile2-vertTrent Lanz

Creative Director

Trent is the Creative Director of The Fresh 20. An industrial designer by trade, Trent graduated from Art Center Pasadena with an eye towards automobiles but soon discovered he likes to eat more than he likes cars. Food and Photography became his passion. He photographed The Fresh 20 Cookbook (William Morrow 2013) and creates the images for The Fresh 20 website. His work can be found at

Connect with Trent:

info @ trentlanz . com


Cassie BurnsCassie Burns


Cassie has been working in Customer Service and Recipe Editing for the Fresh 20 since the spring of 2012. After most of her cookbook collection was devoured by an inquisitive puppy she turned to the internet in search of a reliable source for family-friendly recipes. After finding the Fresh 20 and joining the team she enjoys using both the Vegetarian and Classic plans and keeps her Fresh 20 cookbook out of harm’s way on the highest shelf in the kitchen. She lives with her husband, 2 kids, and 180 pound lap dog and has extensive experience dealing with picky eaters.

Cassie’s Favorite Meal: Spanakopita or anything Greek.

Connect with Cassie:

cassie @ thefresh20 . com

profile2-vertNicole Kalish


Nicole Kalish is an A-list public relations executive with a broad knowledge of the media landscape and over 18 years of experience planning effective PR and marketing campaigns. She has handled hundreds of film campaigns in addition to lifestyle, corporate, personal, television, and unit publicity. She is focused on building and maintaining strong relationships to achieve successful placements. We are thrilled to have her level of expertise on our team and proud to be on her client roster.

Nicole’s Current Favorite Meal: Roast chicken.

Connect with Nicole:

marketing @ thefresh20 . com

profile2-vertKat Soltanmorad, RD


Kat is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who believes education encompasses all aspects of human life: social, physical & mental. Our relationship with food, food environments, and maintaining our overall well-being drives her nutrition goals and education in schools. Kat scours every recipe to make sure it fits The Fresh 20 mission of balanced, healthful family meals. Kat and her husband enjoy cooking for their three dogs, kayaking and keeping up with her 92 year old Grandfather-in-law who rides 12 miles on his bike often.

Kat’s Favorite Food: Mom’s Persian cooking & anything with kimchi

profile2-vertHolly Cara Price

Social Media

Holly Cara Price is a social media consultant and writer/editor with comprehensive experience in web production, new media, radio and television, talent relations, and archival research and rights clearances. As a writer, she has covered health, travel, television, music, books, and pop culture for a variety of outlets. She is passionate about healthy eating and fresh, unprocessed food.

Holly’s Current Favorite Meal: Avocado seasoned with lemon juice, red pepper flakes, lemon pepper and sea salt on gluten-free toast rubbed with roasted garlic.

profile2-vertAllison Arnett


Allison is a Registered Dietitian with a MS in Clinical Nutrition. When Allison is not working with clients on healthy eating strategies or delivering a nutrition presentation, she is frequently found making smoothies with her 3 and 1 year old. Allison believes that food should be wholesome, unprocessed and delicious and is excited to work with The Fresh 20 to help others enjoy balanced, nutritious meals.

Allison’s Favorite Meal: Anything that includes green vegetables and goat cheese.