The Fresh 20 Cookbook – Call for recipe testers

Our book is almost ready for production.  It’s been a crazy year and the inspiration has been flowing from dozens of experiences, hundreds of community ideas and many resources. The book is set to release in February 2013, which on one hand seems so incredibly far away, and on the other so incredibly close.

Our intention is to make a useful cookbook with delicious recipes. Can you help us? Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Do you know how many teaspoons are in a Tablespoon?  Does getting a recipe right make you smile on the inside?  Are you just beginning to cook? We need you! Your opinions, suggestions and encouragement would be a blessing.

We’ll pick 20 recipe testers and give you a choice of recipes in three categories of classic, gluten free and vegetarian.

In return, for your feedback of 3-4 recipes, you will receive a signed copy of the cookbook upon release and a recognition in the book. Yes! your name in lights…well, print.

If you think you can commit to being a part of this journey, then please take a quick moment to fill this out. We’ll be contacting a handful of testers very soon to get the process rolling!

Thank you!

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