Capital Cooking


Capital Cooking Around the Globe is an original travel and food series hosted by Lauren DeSantis. In each half hour episode, DeSantis whisks viewers through a cultural and culinary extravaganza in the world’s most exciting, mystifying, and gorgeous capital cities and their surroundings. By cooking alongside the world’s most talented chefs, DeSantis teaches viewers how to weave these diverse cultures into their own unique dishes and connects their imaginations to places most will never have the opportunity to explore in person. The blog features the latest news in food around town, behind the scenes secrets about filming the show, recipes, travel, cocktails and more!

Simplicity in the Suburbs


My name is Samara Postuma and I am a busy mom and stepmom in suburban Minnesota. I have two stepchildren that are 12 and 14 and my husband and I also have three children together ages 7, 4 and 3 months.

I am a freelance writer and blog at Simplicity In The Suburbs as much as our busy life allows. There I share stories both funny and heartwarming, pictures of my growing littles and even run a guest post series on education. I started blogging in 2005 when most people didn’t even know what a blog was and over time it has grown to be more than just a way to share pictures and stories with friends and family far away.

With five kids at home, one of which will be homeschooled this fall, to say that our days are busy is an understatement. With kids activities and schedules and homework and all that life throws at us, meal time can sometimes be a stressful ordeal to get planned and put together. I’m really excited to be working with The Fresh 20 and learning ways to help make healthy meal planning a way of life for us and to really stay ON the bandwagon this school year.

30 Something Mother Runner


I am a thirty-something mother to 3 and 5-year old boys, living the beach life on Cape Cod. We are a very active family that embraces a healthy lifestyle through exercise and clean eating. As a family, we love to run and bike and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

Like many other new mothers, when my first son was born I began to take a closer look at how I could make our home environment as healthy as could be. This included the foods that I fed him, and the rest of our family.

We set out on a mission to use as many organic food products as our budget would allow and to get rid of processed foods and artificial additives. While we are not “perfect” and do make exceptions occasionally, we do our best to keep it clean!

The Fresh 20 has been a great addition to our healthy eating arsenal—making it much easier for me to plan meals and eat healthy on a budget!