MoPa Show


As a trend forecaster in NYC, my transition back to MA to raise my family came with a pretty big hiccup. I quickly realized that I was no longer on Madison Avenue talking color and consumer trends with retailers, and I immediately felt a void.

Around that time, I noticed posh “mom” events popping up in other cities, and felt like it was something I could do in my own backyard – so I did. MoPa started out as a creative outlet – a way for me to connect the dots between my career, and life as a new mom. Having a platform to share the things I love is a necessity for me. The community that I’m building because of it, is a major bonus.

MoPa events continue to roll out, and the blog dishes up family-inspired, stylish living – without all the fuss.

“As the mother of two young boys, Denell wanted to create an outlet for modern parents like herself. She developed a brand, started a blog, and began hosting events that revolved around trends and products designed for today’s modern family lifestyle. Genius? We think so.” -Brahmin, 2012

Kitchen Stewardship


Katie Kimball writes at Kitchen Stewardship, where she gives readers lots of ideas for eating healthy on a budget, staying sane in the kitchen, and being gentle on the earth. The mission of Kitchen Stewardship is to present healthy living in bite-sized baby steps, challenging people to make positive changes in their kitchens without being overwhelmed. Katie is a mom of three from Michigan and the author of six eBooks about food: Healthy Snacks to Go is her first, and the latest is The Healthy Lunch Box: Sandwich-free Secrets to Packing a Real Food Lunch.

Life With Lisa


Lisa Samples is the voice behind Life with Lisa, a lifestyle blog based out of Central Florida where she lives with her husband, two sons, chickens, rabbits, cats and other pets. Her two passions are spending time with her family cultivating their urban homestead, and creating recipes. A foodie at heart she equally enjoys photography, travel, fitness, and other random topics.

Just Joanna


I absolutely love the concept behind #getfresh and here’s why – in the past, my family did not have the healthiest of nutrition until I started on a health and fitness journey with the Mamavation community. The nutritionist helped guide me back to what I already knew – fresh food is best. But this time, I actually put it into practice. My kids have started eating off my plate to get my fresh foods, and even my husband has jumped on the bandwagon! I love to garden, so we also #getfresh by growing our own foods, eating foods prepared at home, and steering clear of the junky food fog! At Just Joanna, I love to share ideas about different parenting styles, simplifying everyday living (including homemaking tips, recipes, reviews of products and books, etc), and encouraging positive relationships. My focus is to build up my readers with a sense of purpose and love so that we can go out and just give the world a big ol’ hug. We come from so many different lifestyles, cultures, environments, and backgrounds, and I want to build a happy, loving world for my kids. I believe we can all get along – most of the time!

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