In Need of Some After-School Snack Ideas?

Guest post by Kesha Phillips, We Got Kidz

6 Easy, Healthy After-School Snacks | TheFresh20


Your kids have spent the entire day stretching their scholarly muscles. They’re now home and looking to you to soothe their seemingly insatiable after-school hunger; but dinner won’t be ready for another few hours. The solution? It’s snack time!

After-school is a pretty obvious and very necessary time for snacking. Most kids haven’t eaten since lunch earlier in the day, and after all of the arm raising and brain-bending that (you hope) were done throughout the course of the school day, your kids are probably in need of a recharge.

Even though there’s an obvious need for after-school snacks, it’s a market that’s seemingly untouched. Food companies simply don’t cater to after-school snacking. That can make it difficult for parents like you to figure out what to make. You want to give them something healthy, filling – yet not too hearty

WegotKidz.com is to the rescue with a collection of super-easy after-school snack ideas created by resourceful parents just like you. Now, these aren’t just any old snack ideas. These after-school snack options are innovative, healthy – and most importantly – ridiculously easy to do.

So, Fresh20 readers, let’s head to the kitchen, get inspired, and #getfresh with these 6 awesome after-school snack ideas.

Frozen Banana Pops created by Carrian of OhSweetBasil.com

Frozen Banana Pops | TheFresh20
These frozen treats have been making the rounds on Pinterest for a while; and from looking at the pictures, I can see why. Refreshing, healthy, and tasty – Carrian has created a delectable after-school treat that any kid would enjoy.

Granola Apple Moons created by Estela of WeeklyBite.com

Granola Apple Moons | After-School Snacks | TheFresh20
With bright and beautiful photography, Estela of Weekly Bite couldn’t have made creating these addictive apple treats any easier. Get the kids involved and have a blast making a sweet after-school treat that your kids won’t be able to get enough of.

Frozen Blueberries & Almond Milk created by Megan of FoodWhine.com

Frozen Blueberries & Almond Milk | After-School Snack | TheFresh20
Who would have thought that blueberries and almond milk could make such a refreshing treat? Head over to Megan’s place to see how she turned two simple and healthy ingredients into a cool after-school/anytime snack.

Hummus and Turkey Pinwheels created by Kristy of MommyHatescooking.com

Hummus and Turkey Pinwheels  | After-School Snack | TheFresh20
Kristy of Mommy Hates Cookings said herself that she was unsure about how to introduce hummus to her family; but after happening upon this recipe it’s now one of their favorite treats.

Starkist’s Kid’s Pizza brought to you via Kesha of WeGotKidz.com

Healthy Kids Pizza | After-School Snack | TheFresh20
Brought to you from my own recipe library, this is a fantastic pizza treat that my twins absolutely love. Your kids may be a little iffy about tuna replacing their favorite meat pizza toppings, but the healthy alternative proves to be a delicious substitute that I’m sure your children will love.

Pita Pizza Pockets created by Audra of OnceaMomAlwaysaCook.blogspot.com

Pita Pizza Pockets | After-School Snack | TheFresh20
Often times it’s the husbands who come up with the brilliant snack ideas – so is the case when it comes to these tasty looking Pita Pizza Pockets found on Audra’s blog. Head over to her corner of the web to check out the full story and get the skinny on how to make this delicious snack.

Kesha Chisholm Phillips is currently a part time graphic artist and the full time writer and editor of WeGotKidz.com. You’ll find her all around the web sharing her parenting journey which includes everything from hilarious family videos to her refreshing takes on what it means to raise children today. Kesha currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her lovely husband and twins Ari and Jaxon.

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