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Smooth, Creamy Carrot Cake in a Glass Packed with a few servings of fruit, a serving of fiber-full vegetables, delicious oat milk carbohydrates, as well as protein and healthy fat from cashews and pecans, this thick creamy carrot cake smoothie a delicious, well rounded meal in a glass. The Blender Girl whipped up this sweet [...]

Chai Spice Superfood Smoothie After a week of heavy holiday dinners, the hustle and bustle that leads to poor food choices, and lets face it — the stress of the holidays, I’m feeling sluggish, bogged down and highly in need of my daily green smoothie. Smoothies aren’t just for warm weather months. Adding seasonal spices [...]

Holiday Smoothies Pecan pie is a weakness around my house. The women in my family get together for a full day of pie making the day before Thanksgiving every year. Music, rolling pins, lots of dancing and maybe a few cocktails. It’s such a special bonding time for all of us, and this pecan pie [...]

Festive Holiday Fruit Smoothie This Pomegranate Orange Cherry Smoothie feels like self care in a mason jar as I sit here menu planning the week before Thanksgiving. I’ve got errands to run, a grocery list a mile long for all of the upcoming food festivities, a house to prepare for entertaining, and lots of food [...]

Morning Smoothies for Health Smoothies are an easy, healthy, and satisfying breakfast that can provide a jump start on your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. They also kick your metabolism into gear and give you much-needed energy boost. Ever since my friendship began with Tess, The Blender Girl, she’s taught me at least 100 [...]

Morning Green Smoothie Recipe For years now, I’ve started my day with a green juice or smoothie. With a serving of fruits and vegetables already consumed, it really gives me a head start and sets the tone for my day in a mindful way. My morning green smoothie provides a refreshing boost of energy that [...]

Kid Approved Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie It’s 3:30, my teens are home from school and on their way back out the door for sport practices and after-school activities. I’m hungry. They’re really hungry, and we all need an energy boost to ramp up for the ‘second half’ of our day. After-school snack time can [...]

It’s smoothie season! Last week I mentioned the dog days of summer and the silver lining that comes with them: perfectly ripe produce. Somewhere over the years I transitioned from a deep ice cream addiction to smoothies and I’ve never looked back. Everything about fresh fruit, milkshake-level creaminess, and icy cold refreshment 100% satisfies that [...]

No Added Sugar Strawberry Smoothie Today, I want to talk about sugar cravings. Sugar addiction is real, and it’s hard to break. According to The Cleveland Clinic, the average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar every single year. You guys. How!? But we do! And it’s biologically addictive. The more sugar you eat, the more [...]

Strawberry Beet Smoothie First of all, you’d never guess there are beets hiding in this smoothie. There’s a subtle earthy background flavor, and it does a delicious dance with the sweet strawberries and tart lemon. Bring in the smooth texture from a bit of avocado and a kick of spice — it’s heavenly. I like [...]