The Fresh 20 Wellness Program

Business Owners and HR Managers

Looking for a wellness program for your employees?

Healthcare and Fitness Professionals

Looking for a supplement to your services for your patients or clients?

Let us tell you how we can help.

The Fresh 20 Corporate Wellness Program gives employers several different options to promote healthy living to its employees. We have developed the program so that there is minimal administrative work required on your part. Once you have enrolled a core group of associates, the only challenge is to get more associates involved. What you will find is that as you get the program started, more and more associates will want to participate because of the convenience and the results others will receive. The rate depends on the number of meal plan licenses needed and the level of participation. We offer deeply a discounted subscriber rate based on the number of participates.

Sound intriguing? For more information on the program please contact cj {at} thefresh20 {dot} com