Man opening glass mason jar full of creamy decadent vegan blueberry breakfast tart smoothie in a white marble finished kitchen

Decadent Vegan Breakfast Smoothie This six-ingredient almond milk smoothie brings all the flavor of a decadent blueberry tart that’s perfect for dairy-free, gluten-free breakfast on the go. Even if you’re not a strictly vegan family, using alternative milks can be a nice way to go beyond dairy for breakfast. We consider alternatives to be just [...]

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Afterschool chocolate protein shake in a tall clear glass next to school supplies

Healthy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Breakfast Smoothie This rich chocolate banana and peanut butter smoothie makes the best after school snack. A good calorie boost for growing kids and they will thank you for making them a treat.  I like to have one post workout to refuel nutrients. It even works as a quick breakfast [...]

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Woman making a smoothie with fresh oranges and bananas in a blender in a beautiful white marble kitchen

Simple & Delicious Breakfast Smoothie Recipe A quick and healthy breakfast recipe with very little prep. Only four essential ingredients for balanced nutrition – oranges, rolled oats, almond milk and bananas. No milk in the creamsicle smoothie? Here’s the thing. It’s not about the milk, or even the dairy milk alternative you use. I personally [...]

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How To Stay Hydrated Thumbnail

Drinking enough water Stay hydrated with our favorite infused water recipes. Getting enough water is critical to maintaining health but here’s the thing about water. We all know how important it is to drink enough on a daily basis but for many of us, it’s a struggle. If there was one magic bullet to improving [...]

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Vibrant healthy green grape parsley lemonade smoothie in a blender in a beautiful white marble modern kitchen

Top Summer Smoothies The best smoothie recipes are satisfying AND healthy.  Grapes, lemons and a hint of parsley make this a simple smoothie recipe you can make any time of year but it’s so, so good when it’s hot outside.  The Blender Girl whipped up this summer drink to keep us cooled down and quench [...]

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