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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Thumbnail

Everyone has a difficult to shop for friend on their list.  My husband would tell you that I am that person.  I rarely have a wish list and I prefer to give rather than receive but in the spirit of the holidays, I’m making a list of all the presents I can’t wait to give [...]

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The Pledge: Day 13 – THINK GREEN Thumbnail

5 SIMPLE GREEN HABITS This one time when I met the lovely Jessica Alba, I asked her what three changes I could make for a green home. She told me the number one most effective way to go green is to take our shoes off before entering the house. Toxins from the world we live [...]

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I tend to talk a lot about family food culture but for health and happiness, it’s only part of the equation. Somewhere between our daily life and managing my never ending to do lists, I forgot about getting active with my family. And then the Y-volution happened. When these scooters arrived, the entire family wanted [...]

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Perks and 3 free months. Thumbnail

I get to meet some pretty incredible people in the course of doing business.  I travelled 50 days this year for conferences, speaking engagments, publisher meetings and press meetings.  I think my kids know how to pack a suitcase. Being away from home is no fun but there are a lot of smart, productive women [...]

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Family Dinner Fun! Thumbnail

Ever try to get your child to eat JUST ONE BITE?  Help has arrived! It’s a healthy eating game and we like it! This dinner deck awards points for trying new things, eating an array of colors and getting all the food groups down the hatch at meal time.  We love how involved kids get [...]

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