How to Have It All


Renae is a working mom who strives to find balance. Raising kids, saving money, working and staying healthy is a juggling act for sure! Providing her kids with healthy meals is a priority. Growing a vegetable garden and raising chickens for eggs helps Renae’s family #getfresh. Her children are produce lovers which is attributed to helping in the garden. Renae has also switched to buying local beef and pork with no hormones and antibiotics. Ridding her household of convenience foods is a goal!

Renae blogs at How to Have it All about daily life, saving money, easy recipes, health and wellness and so much more. Originally a savings blog, it has transitioned over the years to follow Renae’s lifestyle. As she makes changes towards a healthy lifestyle, the blog has evolved. Of course you will still see savings tips and deals as it is in her nature!

Follow Renae’s journey on her blog How to Have it All as she makes life changes for a healthy body mind and soul.


Mama Sparkles


Marissa Mullen is a mama to two sweet children and loves researching fun and unusual things to do in San Diego. A former ballerina from Canada, she enjoyed living in different places until settling down in America’s Finest City. Now she never wants to leave!

Marissa’s love of finding new things to do and collecting travel brochures led to a job as concierge at a local hotel. These days she enjoys blogging, eating, playing with her kids and sharing her favorite aspects of San Diego.

Her blog, Mama Sparkles, highlights all of her “sparkles” in life through personal stories, pictures, local activities and favorite foods to eat. She is especially excited to include The Fresh 20 as one of her sparkles – her six year old son is constantly reminding the family to eat healthy, and this program is the perfect way to do just that!


Wendy Weekend Gourmet


The Weekend Gourmet started in August 2010 as a hobby to share my favorite recipes with family and friends. Since then, it’s grown to include regional restaurant spotlights and culinary travelogues. I want my readers to feel confident that if I can make a recipe, they can too! I prefer to include pics of each step so people will know what “golden brown” means.

My husband, Michael, is also a food lover…and my dining out and travel photographer. We have two cats who we treat like kids: Lucy (a big orange tabby) and Maggie (who acts like a toddler). We’re huge Houston sports fans, especially the Texans and the Rockets.

My approach to food is big-flavor: we love spice and lots of big flavors. In addition to food and cooking, we love: good wine, music and watching movies.


Mama Dweeb


Annie Shultz is a small town girl from Kansas. She has always loved writing and discovered in 2009 the excitement and beauty of blogging – MamaDweeb.com was born.

Annie relates emotionally to food. She realizes how amazing she feels when she eats clean, fresh foods, and how fulfilling it is to create meals for her family. But she struggles with recipe creation. In August 2013, she hired a food and recipe writer to create delicious, original recipes, and mouthwatering photographs. Her food writer – Rachel – is also one of her dearest friends. Annie is constantly learning from Rachel new meal ideas for eating fresh, whole foods. She is always trying to cook and bake using fruits, vegetables, whole grains. She loves eating the eggs from her own backyard, free range chickens, and teaching her children where food comes from by growing it herself (when she can, she is still learning!).

She hopes MamaDweeb becomes a place moms come to chat, find some recipes they love, read some stories and feel that much less alone, and just enjoy seeing life through the eyes of this small-town Kansas girl named Annie.