Community Photo Team

The Fresh 20 is building a team of community photographers to help us showcase our weeknight dinners.
Can you capture dinner in a good light? Put a little food style pizazz on the plate?
Our selected team will earn money for each approved image.

Enter your best The Fresh 20 dinner shot in our photo contest for a chance to be part of the team.
Interested in submitting to be a paid part of the team? Click here to submit your photos.


Here’s how the contest will work:
Submit one or two picture(s) of a recent The Fresh 20 Dinner by Sunday, March 12th.  Our creative team will select ten finalists who will be sent all the details of joining the community photo team.  Finalists will receive a photo standards guide, samples and all the information needed to submit and get paid.

Here’s how the community photo team will work:
Every two weeks, we’ll release the photo list with recipes of upcoming meals. Team members will choose up to five recipes to shoot. Once a recipe is chosen, it cannot be chosen by another team member.  After submitting 10 approved images for social sharing, team members will be added to our online photo team page with their featured images.

Can’t wait to see what’s on your dinner plate! Ready to get started? Click here to submit your images. 

To your wild happiness!

Melissa & The Fresh 20 Team