EAT IN for health and happiness! April 7th

THIS Sunday, April 7th, we’re asking you to take the pledge to take back your kitchen, create a healthy home cooked meal, and enjoy it with the ones you love. The Fresh 20 is excited to join with respected author, Dr. Mark Hyman (we love his new book The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook), for the first global Eat-In.

Dr. Hyman says: Imagine if, just for one day, we all chose to buy only fresh, whole, real, sustainably-raised or harvested food, food that heals both our body and our environment. If we only buy foods without labels, foods that come from nature, and avoid any food made or processed in a factory or altered from its original state. Imagine if we cooked and ate all those meals at home with family and friends (or made them at home and brought them with us to work or school).

His message hits us right where we cook.  JOIN US as we make the commitment to Eat-In this Sunday. Sign up here and learn more.

And leave us a comment on how many nights you Eat-In.