Fundraising How it Works

Profitable & Easy Fundraising – How It Works
We’ve designed The Fresh 20 Fundraiser to be very profitable for your organization and very easy to execute because it’s all electronic – no knocking on doors, no follow-on deliveries of cookie dough or candy!


Your organization keeps 40% of all their sales!
We require no upfront payments or minimums, no pre-pack quantities – so your organization can make money immediately and not worry about any left-over product they aren’t able to sell.
Very conservatively, if one of your group members sells just one of each plan (an annual, a 3 month, and a 1 month), they deliver $48.80 in profit. For a small team of 25, that’s over $1000. For a larger group of 250, that’s over $12,000!

Fundraising Ideas

Easy Because It’s All Electronic

Setting up your fundraiser and making sales to your customers is all online. Here’s how it works:
1. If you are the fundraising event administrator, click the “Enroll Now!” button on the website and fill in the required information.
2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique link specific to your organization.
3. You will need to distribute the unique link to your selling organization. In turn, your organization members will send an email or post a message with the unique link to all their potential customers (we’ve included suggested copy for a note to your selling group). The unique link takes customers to a customized order page, created specifically for your organization’s fundraiser. The unique order webpage features a message for your customers and an uploaded, organization-specific image (if you do not submit an image, we will use a default image).
4. Once communications are sent to customers, we will track and publish your organization’s sales. You may monitor your program in real-time on a password-protected dashboard. You can keep your organization updated and motivated by sharing their results.
5. When customers place their order via the customized order page, they make a direct payment to The Fresh 20 and are directly enrolled in The Fresh 20 meal plan of their choice – – no money for your team to collect, no product for your organization to deliver!
6. Your organization/school will receive a check 30 days after the close of your fundraising program. A check will be mailed to the contact and address provided on the enrollment form.


Suggestions for a Top-Notch Fresh 20 Fundraiser

Set Goals  

Set an overall financial goal for the campaign, and break that total down into individual financial goals for organization members. For example, “Our goal is for each member to sell $250 of meal plans to your family and friends, which will deliver $100 in profit for the team!”  You may also want to consider a team prize if the team achieves its goal or a certain percent over the total team goal.


Determine Selling Time Frame 

We recommend a four-week campaign duration, to ensure your organization is active within a set timeframe.  Programs that go for longer than four weeks often lose momentum and focus.  Consider the following months as you decide when to hold your fundraising event:

  •       September is a popular month because school resumes and families typically return to a weekly routine
  •       December is a great month to offer The Fresh 20 as “the gift of health” for the holidays
  •       January is the month for health-focused New Year’s resolutions; it’s also the beginning of the Spring semester, when family routines resume after the holidays


Build & Raise Awareness

Awareness efforts need to focus on two groups – your organization (your “salesforce”) and the people they are selling to – your fundraising customers:

For your organization

  •       Send an advance email that explains all the terrific benefits of selling The Fresh 20, along with all the expectations and actions that are required for a successful fundraiser (a sample salesforce email is included below).
  •       Include a sample customer email (example included below), which the salesforce can use or customize for an email or a social media post, as they reach out to their friends and family.
  •       If time allows, hold a kick-off meeting to answer questions, build enthusiasm to meet goals, and reiterate the benefits of The Fresh 20 meal plans and the potential funds that can be raised.
  •       To maintain awareness and focus, monitor progress on the dashboard and update your team with a weekly email that includes lots of encouragement!


For your fundraising customers

  •       Request that each salesperson contact their friends and family and that they provide key information about the fundraiser.  Provide your salesforce with a sample email, which they can use or customize (a sample customer email is included below).
  •       If you’re part of a school, leverage the school’s communication tools – ask to be featured in a broad announcement to all school parents or at least included in a regular school bulletin or newsletter.  Be sure to include your unique order page link in any electronically distributed school announcements.
  •       If your organization or team has a web page, feature the fundraiser and include the unique link to the customized order page.