GIVE BACK: DAY 10 – Food Literacy Center

Food Literacy Center

Nicole KalishNicole Kalish, Media

Giving Back to Food Literacy Center


“Last year, I ate an apple everyday” – 5th grader.

Did you know that only 25% of Americans eat five servings of fruit and veggies daily? In California, 38% of children are overweight—a rate three times higher than it was 30 years ago, when the obesity epidemic began. Researchers believe we have two generations of Americans who do not know how to cook. Meanwhile, the entire global food chain may account for a third of what’s heating our planet. Our current food system is taking a toll on our health, the environment, our kids and communities. Their mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. They teach low-income elementary children cooking and nutrition to improve our health, community, and environment. Food Literacy Center does this by teaching, feeding, sharing, and training. To find out more visit,

Food Literacy Center
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