GIVE BACK: DAY 7 – Reach Out & Read

Reach Out & Read

Allison ArnettAllison Arnett, Nutritionist

Giving Back to Reach Out & Read


“Together, we’re prescribing a change.


An early foundation in language skills and reading is crucial for children. So many opportunities for success, health and development for children are founded in the skills children develop at very young ages. Studies show that kids who lack these skills are far more likely to struggle and fall behind in school. Reach Out and Read encourages a relationship between parents and doctors to help develop early reading skills in children. Since childhood, I’ve had a voracious appetite for reading, and, as a parent, I find that the joy my children experience through books is unmatched. All children should have the opportunity to experience the great pleasure that comes from books and all the opportunity that results from early literacy skills.

Reach Out & Read
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