Gluten Free Meal Plans for Health and Happiness

Gluten Free Meal Plans

Imagine creating 5 delicious, hassle-free dinners using just 20 fresh ingredients?
The Fresh 20 delivers everything you need to shop, organize and cook nutritious weeknight meals for your family. Our recipes are simple AND delicious. Everything is fresh and we encourage local and seasonal ingredients when you shop.


Organized Shopping Lists that will save you time and money!

Searching for a way to make a gluten free lifestyle easier?

The Fresh 20 has a gluten free meal plan that offers the same quality as the classic plan with the necessary adjustments for a strict gluten free household. There’s no need to make two dinners in one house and no need to give up variety and flavor.

For less than a dollar a week, Fresh 20 helps you prepare to shop, organize and cook 5 weeknight dinners the whole family will enjoy!