Newsletter Confirmation

If you’re anything like me, late afternoon comes around and you think one of the following:

(a) What’s for dinner?
(b) Uh-oh, I didn’t defrost anything to make for dinner.
(c) Do we have any leftovers to heat up for tonight?

None of those thoughts are good, especially when they are happening at 4 or 5pm, a time when there’s little or no motivation to cook after a long day.  When the exhaustion sets in, the take-out menus often come out, and over the course of a year, a family of 4 can spend a lot more money on take out than what they would have spent on groceries and planning meals out in advance.

So when we found The Fresh 20, we were very excited, because this is a meal planning service like no other I’ve ever seen – the ingredients are fresh, the recipes are innovative and the meals are ones that your family will want to eat each night.  According to the founder, Melissa Lenz, “The Fresh 20 is about buying less, making more, and loading your dinner table with delicious and preservative free food.   It’s about saving that takeout money for things that are better than take out.”  Meal planning with The Fresh 20 means that you will have healthy and homemade dinners that use just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients each week.  You’ll have less waste because all of the recipes will mix and match a small list of ingredients that will create 5 balanced dinners that play off of each other.  Subscribing to The Fresh 20 will provide you with weekly detailed guides to preparing the meals, original recipes that will make even the picky eaters happy and will motivate you to make dinner, even when you’re exhausted and busy.