Addicted to sugar?

Most of us are and don't even realize it. It's a hard habit to break but you CAN rid yourself of processed sugar with a few simple changes. We have setup a 5-day challenge to push through your unhealthy habits naturally!

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Receive daily videos discussing solutions.

DAY 1: Getting rid of sugar in the morning.

DAY 2: Finding hidden sugar in the foods we eat.

DAY 3: Eliminating those unhealthy cravings.

DAY 4: Soda substitution guide with healthy alternatives.

DAY 5: Surviving restaurants and learn to make healthy choices.

Man pouring egg mixture into a skillet full of kale cooking on gas cooktop

MENUS: 5 days of easy, healthy & delicious recipes anyone can cook.

Easy, natural, sustainable ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and take back control of your health!

Are you ready for the challenge?

In just 5 days you'll discover:

  • Why morning is the worst time for sugar.  
  • Why finding hidden sugar in your diet is key even if you DON'T consider yourself a sugar-holic.  
  • How to easily and effortlessly eliminate sugar cravings like a Pro. (Hint: It’s NOT all about willpower).  
  • Retraining your brain to want less sugar, especially when it feels like an easier option at the end of a long day.  
  • How to navigate restaurants guide for those tough to make dining out decisions. 
  • PLUS, free video lessons, checklists, recipes and tools to help you cut down and control your sugar laced cravings in as short as 5 days.  
  • And much, much, MORE!

Take back control of your health!