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Simple & Delicious Breakfast Smoothie Recipe A quick and healthy breakfast recipe with very little prep. Only four essential ingredients for balanced nutrition – oranges, rolled oats, almond milk and bananas. No milk in the creamsicle smoothie? Here’s the thing. It’s not about the milk, or even the dairy milk alternative you use. I personally [...]

Top Summer Smoothies The best smoothie recipes are satisfying AND healthy.  Grapes, lemons and a hint of parsley make this a simple smoothie recipe you can make any time of year but it’s so, so good when it’s hot outside.  The Blender Girl whipped up this summer drink to keep us cooled down and quench [...]

Some mornings are a little more chaotic than others.  When I’m light on time, my go to kitchen tool is my blender.  It’s fast, easy and gets me out the door with breakfast in record time.  This smoothie is easy to make and tastes like a creamsicle.   Orange Banana Smoothie ½ cup raw old [...]

9 Easy Recipes to Keep on Hand in Autumn Changing seasons in the kitchen can be a welcome adventure, but it can also be like changing out a seasonal wardrobe. We’ve gotten comfortable with our go-to meals and suddenly the strawberries aren’t as red and sweet and the summer squash flavor is lacking. It’s the time [...]

Quick Mango Sorbet Yesterday the morning felt like Fall was just beginning, but the afternoon heat was a reminder that Summer is still hanging on for a few more weeks. We get it Summer, it ain’t over until it’s over in 2 more weeks! And who knows, the heat might just hang on until early [...]

Home-style Baked Oatmeal I adore the summer season, but I can’t lie. These chilly, September morning temperatures are everything. I’m not ready for pumpkin-everything, but I am starting to fancy warm, comforting breakfasts and cinnamon. Who’s with me? This baked oatmeal satisfies my post-summer, early Fall cravings like nothing else. Baked oatmeal is a 1-dish, [...]

Fresh-Squeezed Frozen Lemonade Living in California means lemon trees galore, and 10-20 perfectly yellow citrus fruits ripe and ready to use at once. As Summer comes to a close, there’s only one thing for my boys and I to do: make frozen lemonade. Sipping this sweet, tangy treat makes us all feel like kids, an [...]

Quick Granola Parfait ‘Parfait’ is a French word that translates to ‘perfect’ in English — so whoever decided to call layers of tangy Greek yogurt, crunchy, sweet granola, and fresh fruit a ‘parfait’ is a genius in my book. Because it’s literally perfect. These granola and yogurt parfaits pack a nutritious balance of protein and [...]

Easy Green Juice This is one of my favorite green juices, and if you’ve never juiced before, it’s ideal for a beginner. Drinking a green juice in the morning is like hitting the reset button on your health, and you’ll be surprised to feel the incredible boost of energy you feel as your body’s way [...]

Easy Homemade Almond Milk Homemade almond milk is such a treat. When you’re craving the creamiest, silkiest dairy-free milk to enjoy with a baked good or as a base for smoothies, it takes just a few minutes to DIY almond milk. Store-bought options sometimes include fillers and lots of extra sugar. This 3-ingredient milk offers [...]