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Easy Homemade Almond Milk Homemade almond milk is such a treat. When you’re craving the creamiest, silkiest dairy-free milk to enjoy with a baked good or as a base for smoothies, it takes just a few minutes to DIY almond milk. Store-bought options sometimes include fillers and lots of extra sugar. This 3-ingredient milk offers [...]

WELCOME TO THE FRESH 20 The Fresh 20 was one of the first healthy meal planning services, and it’s still the best. The recipes are incredible, and you get 5 weeknight dinners developed around the same core list of 20 ingredients for that week. Just brilliant! So, that means less shopping, less prep, less waste, [...]

DIY Applesauce Instant Pot Recipes are becoming a staple in my kitchen.  This simple homemade applesauce recipe takes advantage of the fall season and is made with only three ingredients. I love to keep it on hand this time of year for adding to smoothies, topping pork chops and enjoying as a healthy snack. Easy [...]

Summer is our favorite time of year to take advantage of the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables that are bursting with flavor.  Here’s our top 20 list of the best fruits and vegetables for the summer season, including ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches and sweet corn.  It’s a fresh guide to summer produce to help you [...]

Looking to get fit and up-level your wellness? Food is the number one factor to looking and feeling better and planning ahead is the key. Being ready for the week and knowing you’ve got your eating plan covered is an AMAZING feeling. I’ve had weeks of food chaos and they leave me feeling depleted, frustrated [...]

In addition to having delicious meal plans delivered to your inbox each week, one of the many benefits of being a Fresh 20 member is being introduced to new ingredients. Many of us weren’t familiar with tamarind paste or millet before they appeared in a meal plan! Each week we try to choose one ingredient [...]

The Fresh 20 has always maintained that a healthy life comes from eating food in its most natural state. Whole foods that have not been altered with preservatives, chemicals or additives. Some argue that ingredients like pasta and bread are processed foods. I call them prepared foods and if it can be made in the [...]

The Fresh 20 is excited to be a part of #realfoodholiday, a virtual progressive holiday dinner created for you by some of the industry’s best food and lifestyle bloggers. Enjoy this next stop – Apple Crumble from The Fresh 20 Thanksgiving Menu! Nothing says holiday more than the tantalizing aroma of apples and cinnamon drifting [...]

St. Patrick’s Day is often associated with heavy, calorie-laden foods including meat, beer and bread. Lighten up this St. Patrick’s Day with some nutrient-rich green foods! Green fruits and vegetables, along with other colorful counterparts, can help reduce the risk of chronic disease, promote healthy blood pressure and help with weight maintenance and blood sugar [...]

Even in sunny California, winter soups are a staple at our dinner table. I enjoy having the heat of the oven warming my kitchen during the roasting process. The intense flavor of roasted vegetables is so easy to turn into a hearty soup with the addition of a little broth and the help of a [...]