Picky Eater Challenge


The Fresh 20’s Family Food Summit is honored to bring 10 family food experts to support parents in creating a change in the approach to meal time. Our experts will be sharing personal family cooking experiences, as well as recipes and tips you can use in your own home.  

Join us for the Picky Eater Challenge as we share:

  • Food substitution ideas for the most unpopular foods
  • Fresh ideas to get your kids involved in the kitchen
  • Family friendly travel snacks and meals on-the-go
  • Meal time strategies for multiple picky eaters

We’ll have fun interactive resource: 10 podcasts, 10 recipes, and Printables to make the Picky Eater Challenge fun for the whole family, as well as several great prizes.

Special guest appearances from some of our favorite Family Food Experts:

Picky Eater Challenge Speakers

It all starts August 4th but sign up now to receive our food substitution chart and continue to receive free resources, fun games for the kids and of course, the upcoming schedule as we near the challenge.