I tend to talk a lot about family food culture but for health and happiness, it’s only part of the equation. Somewhere between our daily life and managing my never ending to do lists, I forgot about getting active with my family.

And then the Y-volution happened.

Scooters at the beach
When these scooters arrived, the entire family wanted to put them together right away. The four of us were in the garage ripping open boxes, reading directions and planning our first ride. It felt a little like Christmas. Once assembled, we took our scooter caravan around the neighborhood but I wanted open spaces for my three wheel adventure. I wanted breeze in my hair. I wanted to glide past the shoreline and listen to the waves. Road trip!

Pack and play

YVolution Pack and Play
I think it took less time to pack up the Fiker scooters in the car than to decide what snacks to bring to the beach. Dibs on the green one.

Time out for fun

Time out for fun
I can be one of those nervous moms worrying about the boys falling down or getting hit by flying sports objects. The Y-shaped scooters felt safe enough for me to just relax. When moms relax, good things happen!

I like to move it, move it!

Yvolution Fiker Scooter Ride
The kids picked up the technique of making the the scooters go but it took me a minute to get my sway in effect. It’s a little like roller blading and hip shaking rolled into one. Incredibly fun and more importantly safe.

to the limit

Scooter Dad
Daddy let his kid out for the afternoon. Maybe he thought it was X-Games tryouts?

I have to admit, we felt slightly superstar-ish on our beach adventure. At every turn, someone wanted to know more about our “ride”. I haven’t seen many on the path yet, but I suspect we will.

Spending the afternoon with a little fresh air and laughter is truly my idea of a good time. I’ve been Y-volution-ized. Good things are worth sharing. Yvolution has generously supplied us with a Fiker scooter to giveaway.

More info on Yvolution Scooters

GIVEAWAY – To enter:  leave a comment and tell us how you get moving with your family.

10/7 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Elizabeth Pasillas

please contact courtney @ thefresh20.com to claim your scooter.