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Now it is. Quick shop, simple prep, easy dinner. Feed your family 5 healthy meals using ONLY 20 fresh ingredients, with no waste.

Our easy, unprocessed meal plans are chef created, licensed nutritionist approved, simple to create, and delicious.

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Customer Testimonials

My husband and I agree that this has been the best money we have ever spent toward our health! It is comforting to have the support of everyone on the Facebook group and to trust that whatever the recipe says, it's going to taste delicious!

-Lisa Mohr Smiley

Man prepping for dinner with fresh healthy ingredients on white marble counter

I've subscribed to Fresh 20 for years! I can't tell you how much it's helped me and how my fights over what to have for dinner it's prevented!


Woman glazing a sheet pan full of maple soy salmon and bok choy on a white marble surface

Can I just say @thefresh20 recipes is where it's at! We are doing the vegetarian menu and the organization of the recipes + shopping list is a lifesaver!


The Fresh 20 Meal Plans

Three hands eating fresh healthy rice bowl easy recipes on a marble table from from above
A baking sheet pan loaded with maple soy salmon recipe surrounded with vibrant bok choy and a bowl of rice
Grilled porkchop, nectarines, carrot cabbage slaw with sliced almonds & a glass of ice water on a white marble surface
Woman eating a vibrant hearty vegan curry in a black ceramic bowl on a white marble countertop
Woman squeezing a lime wedge into a hearty bowl of The Fresh 20 vegetarian Spanish Instant Pot Crock-Pot recipe
Black ceramic soup bowl filled with suculent shrimp pho with lime wedge, chopsticks & a glass of water on a white marble surface

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