Q: How do I contact customer service?

A: Please email [email protected] and our team will assist you. 

Q: How many servings do the recipes feed?

A: In general, our regular dinner recipes feed a family of four. If you have small children there may be enough for lunch the next day.

Q: How do I cancel my recurring subscription payments?

A: You can cancel your renewal at any time by filling out this form: https://oq209.infusionsoft.com/app/form/cancel-subscription.

Q: Why do you only provide recipes for 5 meals?

A: Excellent question! Our research showed us that between leftovers, sports games and social events, very few families have the ability to eat at home 7 nights a week. One of our missions at The Fresh 20 is to reduce family waste. All of our recipes come with great leftover ideas and weekend quick meal tips so that you can make the most of your 5 meals!

Q: I need to lose weight. Will The Fresh 20 help me?

A: Eating food that is fresh (preservative free) in modest quantities can be a positive influence on your weight. All menus reflect portion sizes that adhere to the basic diet principles of a balanced mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Our meal portions are designed well below 600 calories for a full dinner. And don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Q: Do you post nutrition information?

A: Our philosophy is to create fresh meals that are appropriate portion sizes for optimal health without counting calories. Studies show that too much worrying about the nitty-gritty of calories can actually be counterproductive to a healthy diet. We do not subscribe to any particular diet plan. In our experience, learning to eat without monitoring numbers is a valuable skill that will last a lifetime and withstand any diet fad. On that note, as of March 2012 we have begun to add the nutritional information for each recipe to every menu.

Q: My kids are used to fast food? How will I get them to eat fresh food at home?

A: Get them involved! Kids are proud of what they make and more likely to taste it. Let them help peel carrots or measure ingredients. Sit down to dinner. Kids like to be the center of attention. Make a habit of dinner time being their time to shine. You might be surprised at what new dishes they will try. Making dinner can really be quality family time.

Q: Do you have vegetarian meal plans?

A: Yes. We offer vegetarian plans. Our plans are dairy and egg inclusive but very vegan friendly.

Q: Are your meal plans suitable for diabetics?

A: Fresh 20 meals are created to be low in sugar, fat and cholesterol. If you have special dietary needs based on a medical condition you should seek a doctor for advice.

Q: What does “living green” mean?

A: A green lifestyle can be anything from recycling your bottles and growing your own vegetables, to using solar power. The Fresh 20 adheres to the basic principles of “green” by using organic, local ingredients whenever possible and minimizing waste.

Q: I don’t have any special cooking equipment? Will I be able to follow the recipes?

A: Absolutely! The meal can be made with very little special equipment. When special equipment like a slow cooker is used, there will always be an alternative way suggested.

Q: Can I change my plan choice after I have subscribed?

A: Our plans are sold separately and once purchased there is no switching between plans. Our service is similar to a magazine subscription model. We understand that needs change and many families have a multi-diet household. Existing annual members may add on a second annual subscription at 50% off the retail price. This discount does not apply to monthly subscriptions or lunch.

Q: Will I have access to my recipes after my membership has expired?

A: Once your subscription is over there is no longer access to the website or past meal plans. It is the member’s responsibility to save or print their meal plans. For monthly members this means the meal plans must be saved during the three weeks they are posted on the website, we do not email meal plans after they have been moved to the archive. Saving your weekly email does NOT save your recipes. You must go to the site and download the plans to your computer (or print them) to save them. Note: The end date of your subscription can be found by visiting:  thefresh20.com/myaccount

Q: I need to go grocery shopping but I haven’t received the weekly email.

Our weekly email is not the intended method of downloading plans, but we do include the links as a courtesy. Plans are posted to the site every Friday by noon Pacific regardless of whether an email has been sent.