Usually when someone wants to contact a business there’s an issue involved or you want to sell us something. We understand and that’s cool. We’re here to help and listen. We also like it when you drop us a note to say nice things about our team, our food or our pretty pictures. I guess we just like to hear from you.
  • For all customer service needs, please email
    [email protected]
    We promise it really is the fastest way to get your issue resolved.

  • Praise for a The Fresh 20 team member? Our CEO is waiting for your message. Catch her at [email protected]

  • Product recommendations? Send them our way. Anything that helps promote a healthy lifestyle is more than welcome. Email us: [email protected]

  • Press and Media inquiries go to [email protected] cause she’s real with it and has the lowdown on all things “Fresh”.

  • Want to know how your food pictures can be fly? Contact our photographer at [email protected] and Trent Lanz Photography

  • Need to shout out to the community or have a question about a recipe your cooking right now? FACEBOOK is where The Fresh 20 peeps talk shop.

If you are selling car insurance, well, um… we’re out of the office.