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The Fresh Idea in Fundraising

In an increasingly health conscious nation, The Fresh 20 is introducing a new fundraising program that promotes healthy family lifestyles while raising much needed funds for local schools and non profit organizations in an easy and time-efficient way.

Instead of selling sugary cookie dough and candy, The Fresh 20 offers a healthy alternative.  We know it’s a challenge for parents to create delicious meals for the whole family every week, so we’re taking care of the hard part and providing you with a variety of healthy and easy to prepare meal plans. These plans, which include recipes and shopping lists, will be delivered to your inbox each week. There is something for everyone – Classic, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian dinner options are available as well as lunch plans.  Our goal is to help busy families load their tables with delicious, preservative-free food in a budget-friendly manner.  The program is easy and completely online so there is no door-to-door selling, inventory risk, or time-consuming paperwork. The affordable and creative meal plans range from $12 to $65 and schools/organizations receive a percentage of the total revenue.

This fundraiser provides the opportunity to teach kids of all ages about nutrition and healthy eating and gets them involved in the shopping and preparing of healthy meals.  It offers parents a helpful and useful product that’s different from most school fundraisers.

Program Overview

  • Easy online administration – no order forms, no delivery, no door-to-door sales.
  • No upfront costs
  • Schools/Organizations receive up to 25% of the total revenue.
  • Three subscription menu plans to choose from.
  • Our online dashboard allows participants to track their progress throughout the campaign
  • Recommended campaign period is four weeks.
  • A complete Starter Kit is available to ensure a successful campaign.

Please contact customer service to learn more