Grapeseed oil is made from the seeds of grapes, a by product of wine making when the grapes are squeezed of their juices. Not only does this give Grapeseed oil an abundance of health benefits such as Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamins E and C, but lends to a light, neutral taste, making it a perfect pantry staple.

Although not as commonly used as some oils in cooking, you’ll find Grapeseed Oil making a frequent appearance in your Fresh 20 menus. Due to it’s high smoke point of 420 degrees, it is great for sautéing meat, seafood and vegetables. It’s neutral flavor also makes it ideal for using in tossed salads and marinades.

If you are running short on Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil can easily be used as a substitute. Here at The Fresh 20, we recommend La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil, if available in your local store.