Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone has a difficult to shop for friend on their list.  My husband would tell you that I am that person.  I rarely have a wish list and I prefer to give rather than receive but in the spirit of the holidays, I’m making a list of all the presents I can’t wait to give and secretly hope to find under my tree.



Rose Gold Drop Bottle 500ML

Hydration is the first pillar of health. I’m not a natural water drinker so having a water bottle that adds style and flavor helps make it a little more fun.  I love the sleek design of this bottle and it gets complements at gym.  $40

GIVE TO: an exercise addict


The Happiness Planner

Happiness is another health pillar that doesn’t get enough credit for reducing stress, fighting disease and digesting food. I fell in love with this planner because it’s full of quotes and inspiration. It also is a great organizational tool. $56

GIVE TO: an assistant


Smart Jump Rope

I know you can buy a jump rope for about ten bucks at the sporting good store or on Amazon, but I’m pretty excited about this one counting my rotations for me as I jump. It pairs with your phone to track your workout and I’ll take all the help I can get.  $79

GIVE TO: a teen athelete

MOUTH healthy holiday gift pack

Foodie Gift Box by MOUTH

My ten year old discovered foodie subscription boxes. We’ve been through, Love w/ Food, The Hatchery, Try the World and a number of international candy boxes.  I was so excited to find this healthy version put together by MOUTH box subscriptions.  It’s set up to deliver some fun snacks and doesn’t everyone enjoy a special delivery? $75

GIVE TO: your honey



Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven

In the event of an apocalypse, if I was only allowed to take one item from my kitchen, this pot would be my pick. I cannot express the amount of memories made from this sturdy, reliable piece of equipment.  If you’ve been nice this year, I’d go for broke and put it on your wish list.  It’s expensive but will last you a lifetime. And besides, cooking at home is the most consistent method to staying on track for your health. $200-400

GIVE TO: your favorite cook


Fran’s of Seattle Chocolate Caramel & Nut Box

So why is chocolate on the healthy gift list? Because my friends, quality chocolate in small quantities is (for me) one of the greatest joys of life and joy is healthy.  My husband wraps up a little Fran’s every year and I have one piece a day through January.  With chocolate this good, one piece is enough to last 24-hours. It’s a melt in your mouth gift that will not be soon forgotten. $58

GIVE TO: your best friend


Savor Beauty Coconut Cleansing Oil

Good skin is the sign of a healthy interior.  I have to admit, I’ve never been a beauty product aficionado and in the past, I couldn’t tell you the name of whatever I wash my face with but this line of organic skin care is getting my attention. My face looks hydrated and clear for the first time in years. It smells good, feels good on my skin and has noticeable results.  I love that I finally have something cool to give my beauty glam friends.  $32

GIVE TO: yourself ; )


Art of Tea Sample Pack

Life is hectic. Taking time out for a cup of tea and a moment of quiet can add a small dose of health back into your day. Most tea I wouldn’t know by name but there’s one standout I tell everyone about whenever I get the chance.  The White Coconut Creme tea by this California tea team is unbelievable.  It’s in the sample pack and makes a terrific holiday gift. $55

GIVE TO: someone who needs a break


Q Bracelet iPhone Charger

Okay. I can’t really explain how this is on the healthy list but I’m obsessed with this phone charger that doubles as a simple, elegant bracelet cuff.  It’s a must have for those friends (a-hem) who are always on 3% power.  $125

GIVE TO: your favorite #girlboss

The Fresh 20 Cookbook

The Fresh 20 Cookbook

I’d be a little silly not to give away my cookbook this season. It’s a great cooking primer for newlyweds, families and anyone looking for more ways to get rid of processed foods.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to hear from so many people all over the world using the book to cook more at home. $24.99