Herbes de Provence…sounds very fancy, doesn’t it? This pantry staple’s name is derived from it’s place of origin in Provence, France. While the name of this dried herb combination sounds fancy, it couldn’t be more simple to use.

A blend of fennel, savoy, basil and thyme and lavender, Herbes de Provence, brings layers of flavor to meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. It is usually added during cooking or as oil is heating to infuse it with flavor. Rarely is it used at the end of a dish. In your Fresh 20 menus, you’ll find Herbes de Provence used to season pork and seafood prior to searing, as well as in marinades and sautéed vegetable dishes.

Look for a blend that includes the American addition of lavender when shopping for your Herbes de Provence. The Fresh 20 recommends the spice blend found through Penzey’s Spices.

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