The Pledge: Day 4 – ADD A LITTLE CULTURE

I will try something new in the world

Sometimes I get into a rut and forget about the world as a global resource of learning and fun. Part of nourishing ourselves is to keep learning and there is no better way than to try something new. I like to take just one day a month and do it different. It helps to get into beginner’s mind once in a while.  I’m a total novice when it comes to paddle boarding. My legs were shaky and the whole time I imagined falling off the board but man was it fun.

Reward your soul by trying something new:

  1. Try a new sport (check)
  2. Read a biography
  3. Watch a foreign film/documentary
  4. Listen to classical music for one day
  5. Learn to say a few phrases in a new language
  6. Try food from a different culture (lunch in Chinatown, Little Italy or try Ethiopian)
  7. Cook an ethnic meal
  8. Catch an improv or comedy show
  9. Go to a planetarium
  10. Visit an art museum
  11. Visit a museum of science
  12. Take a dance class
  13. Take a music class
  14. Visit a travel/transportation museum
  15. Take a cooking or baking class
  16. Take a drawing/painting class
  17. See a concert
  18. Attend a gallery or art show opening
  19. Visit a craft fair
  20. Take an online writing class


Try something new!

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