The Pledge: MOVE MORE

I will not sit for more than an hour at a time

A note from Courtney Zbinden , The Fresh 20 Team Manager

A few years ago, I was seriously considering adopting a pit bull. In New York City, where I lived at the time, there was an application process for adopting one. I remember asking my friend, who volunteered with one of the adoption organizations, if she felt I was a strong candidate.

‘Yes,’ she replied, ‘because you’re a runner.’

I wondered why that mattered.

‘Pit bulls need daily, rigorous exercise,’ she told me. ‘They literally need to exercise their demons.’

Wow, I thought. Exactly like me. If I had to pinpoint the most exact purpose for exercise in my life, it would surely be, to exorcise my demons. Exercise melts off the excess worries and anxieties that tumble through my mind on any given day. It allows me to clear my head and re-focus. This becomes exceptionally important during my workweek. Getting the right amount of exercise makes me a more productive, less stressed individual.

For most of us, finding the time for exercise is a struggle. Here are some tips for reaping the stress-relieving benefits of exercise, during a tight workweek:

  1. Two times per week—Engage in sweaty, vigorous exercise. Vigorous exercise can burn a lot of stress in a small amount of time. Play tennis or basketball, go for a run or a swim; take a fitness class (or watch a workout DVD). Exercise before or after work and be grateful to yourself for putting in the time. When you’re lacking for motivation, remind yourself how good you’ll feel afterward—and that it’s only two times per week!
  2. Three to four times per week—Walk it out! Take an hour lunch and spend 20-30 minutes walking at a brisk pace. No time for an hour lunch? Take an evening stroll around the neighborhood when you get home. Or, set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and make a walk part of your morning routine.
  3. DAILY—Take mini-breaks, no exceptions! Get up from your desk often to stretch and walk around. It will keep your blood flowing and allow you to stay focused. See resources below for some great stretches for your workday.

More creative ways to add movement to your day:

How will you move more today?