The Pledge: Day 9 – BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD

Take a time out
I recently read an article in Southwest Airlines magazine about a campaign to keep promises.  It struck me.  Hard.  I’m sure all of us would like to keep every promise we make.  I I said yes too much last year. My follow through was not 100 percent and I started feeling like I couldn’t deliver on my word which is why the article about a son pledging to keep his promises in memory of his father was such an eye opener.

I’m scaling back on commitments and trying to find the right balance between the promises I make and the limitation of the 24 hour day.

Making an appointment is a promise. It’s an agreement between two parties to show up at the same time.  How many of us fall short of a timely arrival? If there was one small change I would ask you to make, it’s to consider being on time for your next meeting.  Big or small, far or near. Arrive five minutes early and see how good it feels.

And please check out the campaign to keep promises. For me, examining the promises I make has been a character building moment for sure.  I can do better. I’m taking it one early arrival at a time.


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Because I said I would

 What promises are you keeping?