Long Grain Brown Rice is a less processed relative to the white rice we all know well. While the two can be used interchangeably, the nutritional value of brown rice makes it the better choice when shopping for your Pantry 20.

This is due in part to the processing of brown rice, versus white. During processing, only the outermost layer of the grain is removed. This not only means it is less processed than white rice, but gives it a firmer texture and higher nutritional value.

When cooking brown rice, take note that it may take longer due to it’s thicker texture and layers.

The mild, nutty flavor and texture of brown rice makes it a great addition to Asian dishes, veggie burritos, rice pilafs and Picadillo that you will find in your Fresh 20 menus.

The Fresh 20 recommends Bob’s Red Mill Long Grain Brown Rice when filling your Pantry 20. Store in an airtight container.

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