Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Healthy Gift Guide 2017

I entirely enjoy finding the perfect gift for someone. This year, journals and workbooks are dominating my gift list.  I find a sense of hope in organizing schedules and planning for happiness. It’s a wonderful way to give someone a fresh start! Granola and jam are huge winners this year. Anything that helps me kick start the morning! And what host or hostess could resist a perfect bottle of champagne?

Enjoy the holidays.

Splurge where it matters and get some rest before the new year!!



Ritual Coffee of San Francisco

Three's a Charm


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For the coffee drinkers, it’s time to get serious.  My morning ritual isn’t necesarily fancy but I appreciate an excellent cup of joe to set the tone of the day.  This 3-pack chosen on the fly by the coffee roasters will always arrive fresh and brew up like a pro.  Single origin coffee makes good mornings.  $55

GIVE TO: coffee aficionado

Kickstart Granola

Dawn to Dusk Granola Duo

Continuing with the morning theme, it’s time to up someone’s breakfast game with handcrafted granola.  Each cylinder has a week’s worth of the good stuff. This will be a gift people will talk about long after it’s gone.  $24

GIVE TO: your workout partner

Stagg Banana Jam Trio

Stagg Fruit Jam Trio

This small but mighty trio impresses me all year long. It’s a bit of an indulgence but I’m telling you, the banana jam is the best product I’ve tasted all year.  It drops the mic on jam.   $30

GIVE TO: your favorite food snob

Happy Grace Control Freak Workbook

This was a find!  For anyone that has a hard time letting go and relaxing, the control freak journal is your new best friend.  Part journal, part workbook, it gives you a 90-day reflection and action plan for about ten minutes of your time a day.  It’s the perfect desk companion for type-A personalities. $38

GIVE TO: yourself (or your sibling)


The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal

The simplest thing you can do to start your day happy is to practice gratitude. Writing it down on a regular basis is the key to long term happiness.  I fell for this journal earlier in the year and the simple process of consistent graitude led by it’s pages cannot be underestimated. This gift is a winner!!

GIVE TO: your partner

Fearless Fresh Cheat Sheets

Fearless Fresh Cooking Cheat Sheets

A great resource for the home cook. Almost every kitchen questioned is answered on a series of thick laminated sheets.  Not sure what the difference is between a mince and a dice? It’s covered.  An essential resource for anyone’s kitchen counter and my pick for team gift this season!

GIVE TO: your coworkers

Art of Tea Gift Set

Art of Tea Pumpkin Spice & Peppermint Chocolate Tea Set

I’m not going to lie, tea is not a ritual in my house but I still collect it for those moments when nothing else will do.  I love the Art of Tea flavors across the board but this duo just speaks to me. It’s saying, slippers, pajamas and a good book.  $65

GIVE TO: your nana

The Blender Girl Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend Cookbook

It’s no secret how I feel about Tess Masters of The Blender Girl.  She is quite frankly one of the best cooks I know.  Her third cookbook takes a deep dive into delicious.  If you know a friend looking for a way to improve health and try a few new recipes, you can’t go wrong with this gift.  $14-18

GIVE TO: someone adventurous in the kitchen

Cheers! with Bollinger

Bollinger Champagne

Sometimes the best gift is the simplest gift. I always appreciate a nice bottle of bubbles. This one is for a special occasion. I have to admit, I feel mighty classy when I know it’s James Bond’s choice too!   $50 – 60

GIVE TO: your favorite #girlboss

The Fresh 20 Cookbook

The Fresh 20 Cookbook

I’d be a little silly not to give away my cookbook this season. It’s a great cooking primer for newlyweds, families and anyone looking for more ways to get rid of processed foods.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to hear from so many people all over the world using the book to cook more at home. $15 – 18