Onions are probably one of the best known pantry staples. In your Fresh 20 menus, you’ll find them used in a variety of ways; sautéed in olive oil to add a carmelized sweetness to your vegetable dish, finely chopped for colorful flavor in salsas and in combination with fennel and garlic, each enhancing the other to complete your dish.

The common question is often, why choose one onion over another? Is red more flavorful than yellow? What about white onions? Here’s a quick breakdown on onions, when they are at their best and how to use them.

Yellow Onions–a reliable standby, yellow onions are loved for the sweetness they add to dishes when cooked.

Red Onions–great for salsas or salads, along with grilling and roasting.

Green onions–the only onion that needs refrigeration, they are great for adding a mild onion flavor to salads, salsas and egg dishes.

White onions–the traditional onion of Mexican cuisine. They become sweet when sautéed and can be used in place of yellow onions.

Onions are in season from March through September, but can be found year round in your produce section. When searching for the perfect onion, look for them to be clean, have good shape, no opening at the neck and with crisp, dry outer skins. The Fresh 20 recommends looking for Melissa’s Produce when shopping.

Once you get them home, onions can be stored at room temperature in a well ventilated area. If you find yourself tearing up while chopping your onions pop them in the refrigerator for a few minutes before using, it will lesson the possibility of watery eyes.

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