The Pledge: Day 13 – THINK GREEN

TF20_24th_H&H_Pledge_938x381_72dpi5 SIMPLE GREEN HABITS

  1. This one time when I met the lovely Jessica Alba, I asked her what three changes I could make for a green home. She told me the number one most effective way to go green is to take our shoes off before entering the house. Toxins from the world we live in enter our homes on the bottom of our soles.  By removing shoes at the door, we can reduce outside toxins by 60 percent and significantly reduce the amount of dust in the air we breathe.  Seems worth the effort.
  2. Choose soap wisely. They are not all created equal and many are too harsh for everyday use. Look for hand and body soap free of dyes, synthetic scents and preservatives. I’ve found Dr. Bonner’s to be a great addition to my bathroom lineup.  All natural, effective and you won’t even feel like it’s a green habit.
  3. Refresh your clothes. I think we wash far too often.  Some days, I catch one of my boys putting a shirt he wore for two hours in the laundry basket. I’m not suggesting we all run around in dirty clothes, but I truly believe that conscious thinking before adding an item to the wash can reduce energy usage, use less water and be cost effective.
  4. A few years ago, I looked around the aftermath of a birthday party and witnessed a sea of unclaimed half full, water bottles. I remember thinking it was such a waste and knew that I could make a change.  I decided to ditch the plastic water bottles and replace them with reusable water bottles. Here’s a few you might enjoy.
  5. My favorite green habit is my market bag. I feel so good when I bring it with me to the market and skip the “plastic or paper?” conversation.  Many states are now charging for bags, so over time it could save you money to invest in one great bag.

There are so many ways to get green in your home. I’ve only scratched the surface.  I know many of you are already thinking green.

Leave a comment and share some ways we can all build green habits at home.


Think Green