The Pledge: Day 19 – TREAT YOURSELF

Treat Yourself
One of the most difficult tasks I encounter is taking care of myself. Isn’t it just easier to take care of everyone else first?

I sat down with Joy Wilson, aka Joy the Baker, recently. I wanted her insight on how we can best feed our soul. She’s so good at tapping into her values and treating herself to a real, everyday human experience. It’s no wonder her day job is baked goods. She knows how to comfort both out of the oven and out in the world.

Joy was planning on contributing to this post but she’s in Uganda today, treating herself to an amazing experience. It’s no coincidence she’s on a trip for Compassion International.  Joy lives her life in service to the collective spirit I like to call humanity.  She’s meeting the child she sponsors and learning more about the efforts put forward by the charity.  I’m sure it was  long flight for a short trip and a good cause.  I’m sure she didn’t see herself halfway around the world on a regular old Tuesday, but there is greatness in the unexpected.  Taking that time to connect with your core values is the essence of treating yourself. More about her adventure.

Joy is teaching me a lot about treating myself.  I enjoy watching how she takes such great care in everything she does.  I admire how she packs cute little snacks for a solo bike ride.  I relate to how nurturing friendships is a treat. I love how she goes out in the world striving for better.  The pledge for health and happiness is so much about the little ways we can all do better and Joy supports that notion 100%.

For today’s pledge I urge you to put away the guilt of doing something for yourself and just dive into a treat for your soul. What feeds you?

Treating yourself can be anything…

  • luxury shower gel
  • waking up early to have some quiet time
  • a professional manicure at lunchtime
  • a long telephone conversation with a long lost friend
  • a cup of tea
  • a workout
  • a nap
  • a special pen for you and you only
  • and as Joy says Breakfast with a Side of Chocolate