When it comes to choosing your pasta, the bounty of options can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. What’s better…whole wheat or white pasta? Is there really a difference?

The answer is, yes, there is a difference.

Here at The Fresh 20 we believe the less processed a food, the better. When it comes to pasta, whole wheat is the way to go.

There are 3 parts to a whole wheat grain; the outer layer, known as the bran, the germ and finally the endosperm. In the process of making whole wheat pasta, these layers are preserved, giving you the benefits of a whole grain pasta including Vitamins E and B along with antioxidants and fiber. In the process of making white pasta, these two outer layers are removed taking with them additional nutrients.

When looking at your Fresh 20 menus, you’ll find a variety of whole wheat pastas used; linguini, spaghetti and penne make appearances in combination with seafood, chicken and vegetables, making for a well balanced meal.

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