Meal Prep Breakfasts

Make ahead breakfasts for stress free mornings

This weekend we’re losing an hour in the middle of the night for daylight savings time. Yes, it’s that time again: Spring Forward. That one hour is the start to a domino effect of chaos. Beginning with grouchy sleep deprivation, and dealing with the cherry on top: spending 24 hours unsure of what time it is, and wondering why you’re hungry when it’s not lunch time. Then it’s magnified by everyone in your circle dealing with the same mess of confusion.

Anything I can do to stop those dominoes from falling as early as possible for myself, my husband and my teens is top priority right now. That means planning some easy breakfasts so that first sleepy hour on Sunday morning doesn’t feel like such a hard hit. And will maybe allow me to sleep just a little longer!

Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas

These 5 recipes keep my household from sliding off the rails on hectic mornings, or when we’re all low on sleep and even lower on patience. They’re nourishing and full of energy boosting carbohydrates, and best of all, I can pop them out of the fridge and have a healthy breakfast ready to go.

Overnight Strawberry Oats

Weck jar layered with easy fresh overnight strawberry oats, almond butter & honey in a white marble kitchen

Breakfast Energy Bars

No bake breakfast energy bars stacked on a ceramic plate in front of a woman with a cup of tea in a beautiful white marble kitchen

Granola Parfait

3 parfait glasses filled with layers of homemade granola, fruit & greek yogur in a beautiful white marble kitchen

Homemade Granola

2 mason jars full of decadent homemade DIY granola wrapped with a green twine & a thank you tag on a white marble surface

Homemade Waffles

Young boy adding DIY homemade waffles into a white KitchenAid toaster in a beautiful kitchen



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Clean Eating Breakfast Prep

Of course, we could always just open a box of processed cereal and move on with our day. But breakfast is important and convenience doesn’t equal opening a box, which could very well lead to me opening a box for lunch and ordering takeout for dinner. Knowing that I’ve eaten a clean, healthy breakfast sets up me up for a day of being proud I’ve honored my health and helps me continue to be mindful of what I eat!

If you make these recipes, we’d love to see them on Instagram! Just use the hashtag #THEFRESH20 so we can see what’s cooking in your kitchen.