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High Fat and Super Healthy The idea that eating fat makes us unhealthy or causes weight gain has been mostly debunked; culprits of poor health are refined foods, processed foods, packaged foods and foods eaten out of the home, not fat alone. What is more important than the amount of fat is the type of [...]

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Kitchen Goals I often hear about how disorganized refrigerators and pantries can become.  I can empathize. One of the major factors that led me to start The Fresh 20 was feeling like my kitchen was chaos. Too many gadgets. Too many random items in the fridge. I knew I needed to edit my pantry, countertops [...]

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STRESS FREE GROCERY SHOPPING Grocery shopping is a necessity but, with so many other obligations, it can often feel like a burden. Supermarkets can also feel overwhelming, like a maze of products. Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to think about first? Will my family eat what I cook? Is it organic? [...]

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35-Minute, Three-Course Dinner For Your Valentine Valentine’s Day falls on Friday this week, which means I’m likely going to be ready to relax after a full week of work instead of spending 2 hours in the kitchen cooking a romantic dinner. I doubt my husband wants to either. The other option is an overpriced pre-fixe [...]

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Dessert Alert: Heart Healthy Chocolate Love In our house, we do our best to celebrate love every day. Every morning, my husband hops out of bed, then brews and serves me morning coffee before my feet even hit the floor. After almost 2 decades of marriage, this simple gesture makes me swoon with adoration and [...]

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